Some thoughts on the Wonder that is Pregnancy

Being Pregnant is an exciting and wonderful time that many women look forward to experiencing.

However some women find that during pregnancy they are also nervous, worried or even slightly or greatly terrified -no matter how “prepared” you think that you are.
Whether it’s becoming a parent for the first time or whether it’s adding a new addition to an existing family, suddenly 40 weeks of pregnancy might not seem like such a long time to get everything done before your baby arrives and your life as you know it will change forever – but the changes that it causes are for the better.

Being cared for by a good GP is so important both throughout the pregnancy and also for yourself and the baby once he or she is born. You may have even been seeing the same GP for pre-conception healthcare prior to becoming pregnant. A great GP will stay on top of your healthcare needs as they change throughout pregnancy and will give you peace of mind that you aren’t forgetting anything important when it comes to the health of you and your baby.

It’s also important for all expectant mum’s to feel that they have the full support of their partners, family and friends during pregnancy. Good support networks can provide both the emotional and practical support that you need, and they can really boost your confidence with regards to upcoming parenthood – particularly if this is your first baby. Being a First time parent can be a very daunting and scary time, if someone offers you some assistance whether it is helping you around the house or even taking you out to lunch, make sure that you take them up on their offer having that extra set of hands helping or even a break from it all can do you the word of good.

There are also other community supports available, such as NGALA which is a free, community based support for families. Chat to your GP about what supports there are out there to help you and to make the whole experience as enjoyable and as easy as possible.

Changing hormones is totally normal for pregnant women, they will experience a wide range of emotions during pregnancy. You can be overjoyed one moment to crying the next. Just remember that your body is going through some pretty massive changes so be patient. One thing I have found really helps is exercise – even if it’s just a gentle walk – not only does it keep your body physically active but you also get a bonus mood boost thanks to endorphin’s!

Remember though, while you may experience all the up’s and down’s and if you are just not feeling as happy as you normally would do – then chat to your GP and together you can work out a plan to get you back on track.
And always remember – in only 9 short months you are creating an entire human being so even though it is a very “Bumpy” ride enjoy it as much as you can.

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