We realise that there are a lot of questions around our practise and how we can help your overall well being. We have gather as much as informations to help you understand Baldivis Family Medical Centre.

Improving Your & Your Family Well-being

  • It’s an Emergency, who should I call?

    For any emergency situations outside the clinic hours, please call 000 or go the nearest hospital from your place. The nearest hospital from our centre is
    Rockingham General Hospital.

    Location: Elanora Drive, Cooloongup WA 6168

    Phone: 08 9599 4000

    Web: http://www.rkpg.health.wa.gov.au/

  • I don’t have an appointment, is walk-ins welcomed?

    We are happy to serve walk-in appointments whenever is possible, however priority is given to the patients who have pre-booked the appointments. Please call our receptionist at (08) 9591 8423 or (08) 9591 8426 if you don’t have an appointment or you can use our online booking system.

  • How long is the appointment?

    A standard appointment is 15 minutes. Should you require more time, longer appointments are available. Please advise the receptionist when booking your appointment and they will assist you accordingly.

  • Do you have doctors who speak languages other than English?

    Yes, some of our doctors can speak few languages. Please check their profile on the About Us page.

  • Can I provide a testimonials or lodge a complaints?

    For sure! We are happy to hear your feedback or complaints regarding our services. Please get in contact with our practice manager at reception@baldivisfmc.com.au and we will response as soon as possible.

  • How do you look after my personal information?

    Your medical notes are confidential. They can only be accessed in the practice by clinicians for the purposes of your care. They are kept securely and will only be released to third parties, or yourself, with your signed consent.

  • How long do I need to fast for blood tests?

    Some blood tests such as cholesterol measurement require that you fast. The duration of fasting may vary but is generally 10-16 hours. Water is allowed and you should take routine medication.

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